Image of the Zutto in use, a propane adapter for snow peak takibi grill fire pit campfire

Looking to Convert your Flat Pack Fire Pit to Propane?

With the Zutto, you can seamlessly convert your flat pack, portable folding wood fire pit (such as the Snow Peak Takibi fire pit, or Campingmoon fire pits) into an incredibly convenient and safe propane fire pit.



Zutto propane adapter for flat pack wood fire pit

Safe for you and the environment you love to camp in

The Zutto comes with a regulator hose which allows you to easily and instantly turn the flames ON, adjust their size and turn them OFF. There are no sparks, no embers, no smoke and the ground under the fire pit remains cool, reducing the risk of your campfire causing an accidental wildfire. The Zutto uses a locking quick release connection which prevents improper connection and accidental disconnection, further reducing safety risks.

Healthier for you and the planet

Ever been next to that smoldering fire, where the smoke just follows you wherever you decide to sit? Well, with the Zutto, that's not an issue anymore. If you're going to have a fire, using gas is simply more efficient, significantly less polluting and healthier than burning wood.

No tools required for assembly

The Zutto is quick and easy to assemble by hand in just 4 simple steps: snug the air mixer to the burner, slide the assembly into your Zutto, connect the propane hose to your tank and then to your Zutto. Now you're ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flames!

No modifications to your Takibi grill

That's right, the Zutto slides into your Snow Peak Takibi grill or Campingmoon fire pit without needing any modification needed to make it fit.

Conveniently packable

The Zutto fits with the M, L, and XL Takibi fire pits in its original bag; there’s even room to add the grill components for the Takibi L. It also fits in the Campingmoon MT-045 and MT-055 bags. The lava rocks come in their own convenient canvas carrying bag.

Packs the heat

With a 92K BTU burner, the Zutto provides flames that are large enough to keep everyone warm and toasty around the campfire. With the addition of lava rocks, flames are beautifully dispersed and heat radiates from the fire pit.

Use it to cook

It’s quick and easy to fire up the Zutto, heat up your favorite cast iron pan, and cook up some breakfast or dinner in the great outdoors. It even works beautifully with the Snow Peak Field Oven!