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Zutto – Fire Pit Propane Adapter Kit

Zutto – Fire Pit Propane Adapter Kit

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The Zutto is a gas adapter kit for your flat pack fire pit and grill, such as the Snow Peak Takibi Fire & Grill fire pit (fits the Takibi M, L and XL, as well as other fire pit brands such as the Campingmoon MT-055).

The Takibi is one of our very favorite camping accessories and we wanted to be able to use it safely throughout the camping season, including during wood fires restrictions. When we couldn’t find a gas adapter for it, we decided to make our own. The adapter would need be light and low profile, easy to assemble and pack, would not require any modifications to the Takibi, no tools, and of course provide heat and ambiance. After creating and testing dozens of prototypes, we landed on this design and we’re confident you’ll love it as much as we do!

The Zutto kit fits in your original fire pit carrying bag (read the FAQs below and visit our accessories page for other options) and allows you to have a fire within minutes of setting up camp, all without needing any tools. It gives you instant and safe ON/OFF capability and can be used as an outdoor cooking option (we don’t recommend direct flame cooking because of soot).

By the way, “Zutto” roughly translates to “all the time” in Japanese, and “Takibi Zutto” translates to “bonfire forever.” We feel this is an excellent description of what the Zutto will bring to your camping experience.


  • (1) 90K BTU stainless steel burner
  • (1) air mixer connector
  • (1) laser cut aluminum tray
  • (1) 0-20PSI regulator 4ft rubber hose with quick-release locking socket (upgradable to 8ft)
  • Lava rocks with canvas carrying tote (colors and sizes may vary)

Needed for operation:

  • Portable flatpack fire pit (Snow Peak Pack & Carry Takibi or similar)
  • Propane tank (purchase locally), 20 lb recommended
  • Propane in the tank


Please understand that this device can easily create a large flame. We are not responsible for the misuse of the Zutto. Do not use indoors or under any sort of canopy. Read the instructions before first use.

Fire pit not included.

Patents pending (18/515,045 & PCT/US23/80604)


Which flat pack fire pit does the Zutto fit?

The Zutto currently fits the Snow Peak Takibi M, L and XL. It also fits the other brands of fire pit, such as Campingmoon and Bigfoot Bushcraft (as long as they are over 13" x 13").

The Zutto and all its components (minus lava rocks) also fit in the original carrying bag that came with your fire pit for the Takibi L, XL and for the M, though without the cooking grate.

We are still considering an 18" burner for the Takibi XL as a potential product. Every component needs to be augmented (tray, regulator, air mixer fitting) as well as propane supply (a typical 20lb tank wouldn't last long at all with an 18" burner). If you are interested in a custom 18" version, please contact us directly to discuss details and pricing.

How long does a 20lb tank last?

The best answer we can give is "somewhere between 4hrs and over 10hrs." Though the burn time is obviously affected by the size of the flame, it is also affected by outdoor conditions. We don't recommend using a tank smaller than 20lbs. One of those would easily last for a few evenings of modest use, even with some daytime cooking. However if we were camping with others and wanted a larger, more "social" flame, we would bring two tanks (or ask someone to chip in) so they can be swapped should that need to happen.

Are lava rocks really necessary?

The lava rocks help disperse the flames and make a huge difference in radiating and retaining heat. As a matter of fact, it makes such a difference that we never use our Zutto without them.

Not all lava rocks are created equal. Landscaping lava rocks for instance are often full of moisture, not sized properly, have other rocks in them (which can be dangerous when heated). If your lava rocks were exposed to moisture, make sure you dry them off slowly with a low flame before cranking it up.

What's with the different burner shapes?

All of our burners are rated to 90K BTU and produce the same size flame. They do vary in shape, number of burner holes, and therefore, in flame dispersion though it is negligible once lava rocks are added.

The original 12" square burner fits the space inside the fire pit the best. It has 24 holes evenly spread along its shape. Its flames reaches all the way to the corners.

The 12" round burner keeps the flame more centered in the fire pit. It has a little less tube length but has 27 holes so the flames are a little tighter than with the square burner.

The flower shaped burner is our new favorite. Its more complex shape allows for excellent flame dispersion. The burner has 42 holes spread along its tubing, making for a wonderful thick flame in your fire pit, especially at a lower setting.

4ft hose? 8ft hose? Why the choice?

The Zutto's flame size is controlled by the regulator, which is connected to the tank. The 4ft hose keeps the tank, and therefore controls, close to where the fire pit is and just far enough from danger. However, if you are using a table around your fire pit (such as the Jikaro table), we recommend purchasing the 8ft hose for a little more slack.

We don't sell longer hoses as we recommend keeping the flame control within reach in case it needs to be adjusted quickly.

Can the Zutto be connected to natural gas?

This is kind of a tricky question. We designed the Zutto to burn efficiently with propane, which has a much hotter flame than natural gas, is much heavier and benefits from the air mixer component. That last piece is unnecessary for natural gas and could mix too much air with the gas before ignition. For these reasons, we can’t recommend connecting the Zutto to natural gas.

We are working on a separate connector that could allow switching from one fuel source to another.

Is it compatible with non-US propane tanks?

The Zutto uses a standard QCC1/Type 1 connection at the regulator end of the hose. Other countries might have different thread sizes and an adapter would be required for the regulator hose to fit on your tank. So far, people have been able to find adapters online.

So far, here are the adapters that we know work:

Where does it ship?

We offer free USA domestic shipping!

For international orders, our system will provide shipping options. Please be aware that each country might have an additional import tax charged upon receipt. Read more about our shipping policy.

What about warranty?

Your Zutto adapter is covered by a lifetime warranty! The included accessories are covered by a 1-year warranty. Read the details on warranty page.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm (For more information go to

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