Instructions for the Zutto propane adapter for pack and carry flat pack folding fire pits

NOTE: This video shows how to install the version 1 of the Zutto. We have been shipping updated and upgraded versions that now included a locking socket. The overall assembly is the same, albeit with an even more secure connection under your fire pit.

How to use your Zutto propane adapter for flat pack fire pit & grill.

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  • Carefully read these instructions before first use; use at your own risk.
  • Do not use indoors or under any sort of canopy. Make sure there is ample clearance around and above the Zutto.
  • Check the quick-release connection under the fire pit before turning on the Zutto, every time!
  • Don’t use the Zutto without the tray installed.
  • Don’t touch your Zutto or fire pit until they have cooled down, and keep children and pets a safe distance away.
  • If you need to move your fire pit, turn the gas off before doing so. Take care as components could burn you.
  • Always turn off both the gas and the regulator when not in use. Do not leave the hose under pressure with the connector disconnected.
  • Take care to keep the connections clean and free of debris.
  • To prolong the life of your Zutto, we recommend keeping it out of the rain. If your lava rocks get damp, be sure to follow the instructions below to safely dry them.
  • THIS IS NOT A TOY! The Zutto is a 92K BTU burner which can create large flames. We designed this so we could have safe fires year-round (check for specific fire restrictions in your area) and we don’t want to find out that one of our Zutto started the next wildfire.


  1. Thread the connector into the burner and hand tighten it until nice and snug.
    Threading the connector into the burner
  2. Slide the connector/burner through the hole in the tray (folded edges downward for Snow Peak fire pits, upward for all other fire pits).
    Tray orientation for different fire pit brands
  3. Guide the tip of the connector through the small hole at the bottom of your fire pit (this might require pushing down).
    Sliding the connector through the fire pit
  4. Line up the notch in the locking ring of the socket with the locking ball and pull the ring down. While holding the ring down, slide the socket onto the connector under your fire pit until it is fully seated. Release the ring and lock it by rotating it so that the notch is away from the ball.
    Locking ring orientation on the quick release socket
  5. Pull down on the socket to make sure it is secure.
  6. Make sure the tank and regulator are OFF, then screw the regulator to the tank.
  7. Spread your lava over the Zutto.

Turning your Zutto ON, adjusting the flame, and turning it OFF:

  1. Fully open your tank.
  2. Using a long-nose lighter, bring the flame close to one of the holes on the outside perimeter of the Zutto (closest to you) and slowly open the regulator* until the Zutto is lit. Once it’s lit, keep increasing the flow until all holes are lit.
  3. If your lava rocks are new or were exposed to humidity (ie: rain or overnight dew), keep the flames small until the moisture trapped in the rocks has evaporated, then gradually increase the flames.
  4. To adjust the flame size, always use the regulator and not the tank valve.**
  5. To turn OFF, turn the tank OFF, then turn the regulator all the way OFF.

* The tank valve and regulator ON/OFF rotations are reversed from one another. Make sure you familiarize yourself with them before use.

** Your regulator pressure could drop suddenly if you open it beyond its rated capacity, resulting in small flames. This is a normal feature and your flames can easily be reset it by closing the regulator completely and re-lighting the Zutto.

Zutto disassembly:

  1. Make sure both the regulator and the tank are OFF and all components have cooled down.
  2. Disconnect the hose from the tank and from the Zutto (reverse of assembly).
  3. Scoop enough lava rocks back into their bag to grab the burner and pull the Zutto out (this might require wiggling the Zutto and the fire pit).
  4. Unthread the connector from the burner and store it with the hose. The burner and tray can fit in the fire pit bag.
  5. Put the rest of the lava rocks back in their bag.