Zutto group camping

We camp... a lot! We just love being "lost" out there, from the calm embrace of a thick forest to the endless expanse of dry deserts, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There's just something about being immersed in nature, starting with waking up to the organic sounds of critters dealing with their own hustle and bustle, all the way to falling asleep after admiring the stars around a warm campfire.

That campfire, the beating heart of any campsite, is a key component to our camping rituals and our flat pack fire pit (the Pack & Carry Takibi by Snow Peak) instantly became our favorite accessory.

However, times have changed and some of us had to start learning how to camp without a wood fire for most of the camping season, and for good reasons. Human caused wildfires are devastating to this world we cherish and we had to stop using our favorite accessory during peak camping season.

This is what motivated the idea of designing a propane insert for our fire pit. Sure, there are plenty of dedicated propane fire pits out there, but we didn't want to own two different campfire apparatuses. Besides, we really like how our fire pit folds away flat, how sturdy it is and how easy it is to cook on.

We came up with the Zutto!

After creating and testing dozens of prototypes, we landed on a design that we are confident you’ll love it as much as we do!

What's with the name?

The word “Zutto” roughly translates to “all the time” in Japanese, and “Takibi Zutto” translates to “bonfire forever.” We feel this is an excellent description of what the Zutto will bring to your camping experience.