Tested accessories

Here are some accessories we recommend to enhance your Zutto experience.

This is the propane tank cover that we use. It hides the ugly 20lb tank and also serves as a side table. Its pockets allow you to store hoses and lighters.

Zutto propane tank bag


We also like to use this propane gauge. It's handy for estimating how much gas is left in your tank of course, but where it truly shines is that it allows the red regulator knob to stick out from the propane tank cover bag (listed above). This makes it easier to adjust your flame size.

Zutto propane gauge


A lot of people ask us about a separate carrying bag. When we initially designed the Zutto, we did so with the intent of having it housed within the original Takibi carrying case.This is incredibly convenient for our use, but might not be the best option for yours. We're still looking into having a custom made bag that the Zutto would fit into nicely, but in the meantime, we found that this "jumper cable bag" was a convenient option. It will fit the burner, plate, fitting and hoses, and even the lava rocks, albeit a little tightly. It's affordable, pretty well made and the colors almost match the original Takibi case.

Carrying bag for the Zutto propane adapter for Snow Peak Takibi Fire & Grill


There are countless options for long nose refillable lighters of course, but our favorite is this mini "flame thrower." It might seem like over-kill, but it's actually incredibly convenient! You can light the Zutto safely from a corner, with a little distance. Plus, when you go back to using your Takibi without the Zutto, it makes lighting a wood fire much easier. We wouldn't camp without it!

Zutto butane lighter propane torch


For those of you purchasing the Zutto from outside of the USA, you might need to use some adapters. The Zutto ships with a standard QCC1/Type 1 connection for US propane tanks. QCC1 adapters are available, though you might have to research which one would fit for your specific country. So far, we've heard from our German customers who have had success with this specific adapter

Germany QCC1 propane tank adapter